Pressura Proppant Crush Test Press

The Pressura Digital Proppant Crush Test Press is available in 30K and 20K PSI models. It has a full color touch screen control system, holds up to 10 user-defined programs, and is built for ease of use and serviceability! It is designed and built in the USA, and available in 30-ton and 50-ton versions.

Pressura Proppant Crush Test Press by Micron LabTech complies with ISO 13503-2:2006 Section 11 and provides up to 50-ton crush strength. Pressura has under 150 pounds of initial contact (Kiss) pressure, providing the most accurate measurements per test. We are proud to offer equipment that is built in the USA.

New Features on the Pressura:

We have some new features for the Pressura Proppant Crush Test Press:  EXCLUSIVE!

  1. Heated Proppant Crush Test Cell (Programmable/Adjustable), PLC controlled, programmable temperature settings. Data is recorded to the Test Run Data File.
  2. High Resolution Linear Piston Movement Tracking to determine proppant “Creep” during crush or sustained pressure testing. Resolution is +/- 1/1000 of an inch! Data is recorded to the Test Run Data File.