Prensa 30T/40T

Bench-top Programmable XRF XRD X-ray Spectrometer Sample Pellet Press
  • 60,000 Pound Pressure Capacity (30-Ton)
  • 80,000 Pound Pressure Capacity (40-Ton) model available as well
  • Operates on standard 115 volt (20 amp) wall power
  • Quick release “Kathy Clamp” for 10 second die removal for easy cleaning
  • Pellet Press to Eject sequence completes in as little as 60 Seconds
  • Custom mold sizes available from 7mm to 40+mm
  • Full color 1024X768 display
  • Touch Screen programming and operating controls
  • Holds up to 10 user-defined programs
  • Real-time Proportional-integral-derivative (PID) pressure control
  • Safety sensor for Swinging Bridge provides automatic pressure control
  • Totally Open hybrid forward swinging bridge design provides complete, easy access to your sample
  • Protective Handle on Swinging bridge for safe “Pinch Free™” operation
  • Programmable Multiple Step and Hold to target pressure
  • Programmable Dwell Time at target pressure
  • Programmable pressure release time
  • Operator level password control
  • Manager level password control
  • Protective Rubber Mat work surface
  • Powder Coated High Strength All Aluminum Cabinet
  • Completely sealed leak free Hydraulic Power Unit!
  • Motor operates only to build pressure, less energy used and longer life!
  • Direct Coupled Pump Motor Drive
  • 3-year warranty on Motor Drive
  • No belts to slip or replace
  • Various Colors Available
  • No Need to flare sample caps!
  • Micron “Fast Caps” save you up to 50% on your sample caps!
  • Weight ONLY 200lbs
  • See the Prensa on
40T Brochure
30T Brochure