Prensa 30T: Highest-quality Pellets in Under 60 Seconds

When I first saw the Prensa 30T pellet press at the Denver X-Ray show, I was very interested in it due to its small footprint, weight reduction, and ease of use as compared to the larger presses that we had in our lab. Our concerns were capability and reliability, but the Prensa has exceeded our expectations on both counts. It is used 24/7 and the technicians love it!”—another satisfied customer

Prensa 30T, the new standard in bench-top presses from Micron Labtech Instruments, creates the highest-quality pellets on the market in less than 60 seconds.

prensa30t_09Micron Labtech Vice President Michael Harvey attributes the speed increase to the press’s new hybrid version of the original swinging bridge pellet press design from the fifties. “We miniaturized the bridge assembly, reversed the swing direction, and added a convenient protective handle.”

The newly designed Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) with high-strength, low-friction Teflon seals gives the system durability with extreme smoothness. Compare this to the current swinging bridge technology common to most full-sized presses that utilize, as their seals, leather packing cups, which begin stretching and cracking almost immediately.

Another innovation of the new HPU: a self-contained, sealed hydraulic oil tank. “On competing freestanding presses with swinging bridges, the hydraulic oil lays in the open on the bottom of the cabinet. This is abhorrent,” says Harvey. “The hydraulic oil is critical to the life of the press. Being open to the air leaves the oil exposed to oxidation and other contaminants, which are the primary cause of premature failure on these types of presses.”

Other features:

  • Single integrated unit with cylinder head, control valve assembly, and oil storage tank: reduces weight by 40 pounds while cutting total cost and build time.
  • Integrated 12″ touch-screen programmable logic controller (PLC): the “brains” of the device, actively monitors and adjusts the valving dozens of times per second to maintain smooth control of the entire pelletizing process while providing large, easy-to-read buttons and pressure gauge, designed to be operated with only five minutes of training.
  • 1HP motor with directly coupled pressure pump assembly for sure, even performance: no hose to wear out, stretch, break, or—worst of all—slip due to oil leakage, as happens with “Air over Oil” (AOO) bench-top systems; and we use aircraft-grade, stainless steel, high-pressure tubing instead of the more common rubber hoses so you will never “blow a hose” or “slip a belt.”

All these technical advances at a weight of only 200 pounds as compared to 300 pounds or more for the AOO systems, and high-quality pellets in one-fifth the time.

The Prensa 30T is the fastest, most reliable, and easiest-to-operate pellet press ever built. The hybrid swinging bridge bench-top press is the most efficient design yet conceived in an automatic pellet press. Give credit to the old timers; they had the best idea first with the swinging bridge. It took Micron Labtech Instruments to bring it to the 21st-century bench-top pellet press.

Learn more and see it in action by visiting the Prensa 30T Product Page.