Navas TGA-2000

Specifically Designed for Coal and Coke Analysis

Multi-sample (19) Thermogravimetric Analyzers With Automatic Crucible-cover Placement And Removal For Volatiles And Operational Software In Windows

Determination of: Moisture, volatiles, ash, fixed-carbon, LOI ( Loss on ignition )
Applications: coal, coke, etc., and any application where automatic placement and removal of crucible covers inside the furnace may be beneficial

Benefits of Automatic Cover Placement:

  • Automatic crucible cover placement and removal provides for better volatile matter analysis by reducing sample oxidation and eliminating the possibility of contamination.
  • Operator safety: Risk of operator burns is reduced since the furnace does not have to be opened manually to place/remove covers.
  • Elimination of the possibility of the covers falling inside furnace.
  • Although specifically designed for the coal/coke industry, the TGA-2000 may be used in any application where crucible covers need to be placed/removed.

Different sizes of ceramic crucibles can be used depending on the size of the sample to be analyzed.

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  • Temperature regulation is plus/minus one degree Centigrade
  • Extremely robust mechanical design
  • Exceptional and unsurpassed reliability
  • Complete brand name digital precision balance of 0.1 mg sensitivity with display
  • Service although seldom required, does not require highly trained technicians
  • Parts are standard, and generally available locally
  • Easy to use Windows software
  • Easy to use diagnostics screen
  • Unlimited number of analysis parameter sets
  • Open Data Base Connectivity, customizable reports, data export to TXT, CSV and XLS files for LIMS or Microsoft Excel
  • Non-linear regression and curves fitting with cubic, quadratic and least squares formulas for volatile calibration
  • Formulas designer
  • Special software available with all possible features you may need

Processor and Equipment:

  • Standard desktop PC or laptop with Windows and with Pentium or higher compatible processor for system control.
  • Communications with digital balance by RS-232 cable
  • Color monitor
  • Color printer
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Sample Size: 0.1 ~ 10 grams (Depends on material and crucible size)
  • Number of Samples: 1 to 19 [19 samples plus one (1) reference crucible]. Models with different numbers of crucibles available: 12, 16, 20, 24, (40, 48 double carousel) etc.
  • Weight Loss/Gain Range: 0-100%
  • Balance sensitivity: 0.1 mg
  • Precision: Provided by 4 place decimal balance resolution
  • Balance: Complete brand name precision balance with display
  • Temperature range: 50 ~ 1000 ºC, ± 1º at 105º, ± 2º at other temperatures
  • Instrument control: Desktop or Laptop PC with USB
  • Dimensions (W x L x H): 21.81 x 23.62 x 22.44 Inch (55.4 cm x 60 cm x 57 cm)
  • Weight: 133 LB (60 KG)
  • Electric Furnace: 220V AC (4 KW)